Readings For The Millennium

Readings for the millennium
Where the new light will take you on your journey

By Louise Thach, Hudson Current Staff Writer January 04, 2001

It's a new era. The country will soon be under different leadership, there's a changed economic outlook and reality TV will be returning to a network near you with a whole new set of cast members. And, according to Hoboken's very own spiritual psychic John Traficante - better known as JT - the millennium will also bring a time of light and awareness.

"A lot of people think we did the millennium last year, but it's really this year," said JT, who reads auras, crystals and tarot cards at his office in the Chiropractic Center on the corner of 14th and Washington streets in Hoboken. "So I'm teaching people about spirituality in the millennium, bridging the gap between different religions, because that's what it's all about. Spirituality is the relationship between you, your purpose and the universe. And whatever faith you are is like a banister to hold onto in this lifetime."

He continued, "What's going on now is that we're going into a great deal of light and people are seeing their darkness. It's a really intense time right now and a lot of people are going through a harder time emotionally. Those of us who work on our [issues] can get into that light and their life will just grow like a plant breaking ground and then it will just keep growing and expanding."

Have you noticed a lot more colorful options at your favorite clothing stores? According to JT, the new light is already effecting the fashion trend.

"Energetically speaking, I think it will be a good year for people," said JT. "We're in the age of Aquarius right now so you're going to see a difference in fashion, like a lot of high tech stuff and color."

JT said he sees the economy in jeopardy in the beginning of the year and cautions people to hold off on investments until the spring. In the meantime, he encourages people to work on embracing the new light.

Spiritual workout

JT has a spiritual workout CD entitled Metamorphosis: Meditation for the Millennium which uses music and voice to help channel energy from the deepest part of the soul and bring it to the surface to reduce stress and negative forces.

"My CD helps people eliminate the layers of energy that [people] feel but don't see," explained JT. "In a higher dimension we're just big blobs of energy like you see on the Sci-fi channel. So the CD teaches you how to locate the negative energy that is within your aura and replace it with positive strength, and then it takes you through a journey on the universe. It helps you reach higher ground and achieve a sense of hope and peace."

By strengthening new light and focusing energy, JT believes that people can accomplish any goals they set for themselves.

"We write this script and we control our destiny," said JT. "In fact, we wrote the script before we arrived here in the physical [world] and our whole life is about getting to where that destiny is. But in the middle of getting there, there's all these changes and opportunities and choices that come. We can do anything; it depends on the empowerment inside of us and the tenacity and the drive to make it happen."

But are some things never meant to be no matter how much we want them?

"It depends on the innate spirit," said JT. "Sometimes in relationships, when one person is not willing, then it may not be meant to be. If it's meant to be, you might see them in the spiritual world. People forget that this is just a journey here, but there's a lot more that comes after this. They get stuck on things like relationships, but they don't realize that when you love someone, set them free and if it'll be it'll be. What they don't realize is that their soul will karmically meet them again, whether in the physical or the spiritual. Any intent that you set out, you will get. That's why I also teach people to watch what you wish for, because timing is everything. You can wish for something now and eight months later, it may happen when you don't want it to. Once you work through the darkness and you're in the light the intent should happen right away, because then you're in synchronicity with the universe. Just like when you get a job, because you're in the right place at the right time."

To learn how to create synchronicity in your life, order a CD or make an appointment to see JT by calling 420-9770 or e-mailing

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