Psychic Spreads Hope Says Princess Di Directs His Charity Venture

Psychic spreads hope: Says Princess Di directs his charity venture

By Caren Lissner, Reporter staff writer, A weekly New Jersey news publication November 30 ,1997

Hoboken psychic John “JT” Traficante wants to publicize his new nonprofit organization, but he’s a little worried about how the press will portray the fact that he says he started it because Princess Diana appeared to him hours after her fatal car crash and communicated a long message to him.

“I know what’s going to happen,” said Traficante. “They’re going to say, “Why you?” “What happened with the accident?” “What is she saying now?” “What does she think about her kids?”

But Diana told him, among other things, that media attention is what the organization needs, Traficante said. He has a press packet with a sheaf of letters he says were communicated to him through the princess about the organization.

The organization Traficante has founded is called “Rock of Hope.” The purpose of the foundation is to raise money for sick children and terminally ill adults. At the moment it’s raising money for Hudson Cradle in Jersey City, a home for babies with AIDS.

Hudson Cradle’s federal funding was stripped for next year, and thus, they are trying to raise state funds and are counting on as many donations as possible.

There is something special about Rock of Hope that makes it different from many charities -- it doesn’t primarily solicit monetary donations, but seeks patches for quilts. When people paint or embroider a 10-by-10-inch square patch, they may donate money as well, but they don’t have to. The patches are sewed together to make quilts, and the quilts are sent to be hung in hospitals and other charity organizations to convey messages of hope and love. The money goes to the organizations as well.

Thus Traficante said, people aren’t necessarily giving something as mundane as a check, but a piece of themselves and their hearts.

“Each and every person who has donated a patch said, “This made me reflect on my life and helped me give from the heart,’ “Traficante said. “That was important for me to hear. That’s my goal. That is the essence of giving.”

Never Happened Before

Traficante, 30, worked in payroll for the County of Hudson until four years ago, when he decided to be a full-time psychic. He said he had had visions and seen auras around people all his life, but didn’t tell anyone because they might think he was crazy. But when he was seventeen and a student at Hoboken High School, someone gave him tarot cards, and he started doing readings.

Traficante’s Bloomfield Street office gets calls and postcards from all over the world now, he says, and he has a five-month waiting list for readers.

He says this is the first time someone famous has contacted him and given him directions. And he says he knows people might have a hard time believing it. “[Diana] prepared me,” Traficante said, “JT, you’re gonna go ballistic.”

Traficante said he could hear Diana talking to him early the morning of the accident. He said she told him that boyfriend Dodi El-Fayed was with her and that the driver of their car was at fault. She also told him about an organization he should start.

Traficante began scribbling down her words, which would come to him many times in the following weeks. Diana said she wanted him to do quilts. It’s like your boss telling you what to do.”

One of the things Diana told him, Traficante said, was to get a lawyer to help him start the organization. She mentioned two clients of his who practiced law, and he called one of them, a woman. The woman said she would help.

When the woman got to JT’s office, she told him, “The ironic part of the whole thing is, no one knows I do non-profit organizations. I help them in my spare time. You freaked me out and blew me away when you called, and that’s why I’m here.”

The lawyer suggested JT get involved with Hudson Cradle, an organization in Jersey City that cares for babies with AIDS.

The first quilt has been created from one-hundred patches donated by friends and family, and will be presented to Hudson Cradle on December 12, 1997 at 10 a.m. in a ceremony. There will be hors d’ oeuvres, desserts, and donations of patches and money will be accepted. The event is free to attend.

Sally Porter, the program director for Hudson Cradle, said last week that she appreciated the work, even if the Diana part is a little unorthodox.

“You know, I think that some of that is hard for people to understand, including myself,” she said, “but anyone who wants to do something nice, as long as it comes from a caring place, that’s what’s important.” JT eventually wants to use the money to build places for ill children and adults to stay, places filled with hope and lessons and surprises.

Di keeps writing

Meanwhile, Traficante is preparing press packets on the organization. They include copies of some of Diana’s letters, including one telling the public, “JT is a messenger for me. I have him reaching out to various sources throughout the world to help with this legacy ... This foundation will represent the true meaning of giving from the heart.”

But why did Diana choose JT?

JT asked Diana that very question. “She said, “Just smile and look ahead and do what you’re supposed to,” Traficante said.

“She just keeps clearly telling me this is my mission in life,” he continued. “Even if people think it’s crazy, I have to do this. Even if I get five million out of 50 million people to believe, it’s worth it.”

“Traficante said that Diana gave him the names of a few famous people to write to, including Oprah Winfrey. He declined to reveal all of the names, saying he still had letters to get out.

Traficante said that the spirit that develops from having faith and spreading love is the most important part of what he is doing.

“I love what I do,” he said. “I love making a difference in people’s lives. I teach them spirituality. That’s what I do. I like people to be happy.”

Those wanting more information on Rock of Hope can call JT at (201) 420-9770 or write to: PO Box 2107, Hoboken, NJ, 07030.

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