Psychic Helps The Dead

Psychic helps the dead comfer loved ones left behind.
By: Sally Deering, Jersey Journal Staff Writer, a daily New Jersey news publication August 25, 2000

Just like in the movie "The Sixth Sense", John "JT" Traficante says he sees dead people and then hooks them up with the living, so they can find closure to their grief.

While giving someone a tarot card reading, JT says the premonitions he receives help him predict certain events in that person's life.

A self-described spiritual psychic, JT says he heals people all over the world. His Hoboken company, JT's Chateau de Soul just released "Metamorphosis", a compact disc featuring JT's voice guiding listeners to a meditative state that releases stress in exchange for positive energy.

"I read people's energies", JT says. "I feel it. I have clients that I psychically give advice to and teach about spirituality". JT charges a $100.00 fee for a half-hour reading.

Marie S. of Riverdale, who asked not to reveal her full name, had her first session with JT six years ago. Just before Marie S. got married, JT predicted she would move into a new home a few months after the wedding.

"I consider him very genuine", Marie S. says. "I had gone to him six weeks before getting married. He said I would be buying a blue house and he told me about the layout, the stairs and the pool in the backyard. He even described the drapes.

"Then my little cousin told me about a house for sale. I saw it, fell in love with it, and it's where we live now. And, it's blue". JT also predicted Marie S. would be going through a difficult birth with her first child, and that the baby would be born premature but healthy. He also predicted the child would be a girl.

"She came six weeks early", Marie S. says. "It was a difficult birth, but she was fine".

Born and raised in Hoboken, JT graduated from Hoboken High School in 1985. "I've had so many lives prior to this one, it's like a movie, really, he says.

After high school, he went to work at the Levelor Building I Hoboken and then for an insurance company in New York. In 1992, he started his company, Chateau de Soul, and eventually left insurance for psychic healing.

He first realized he had psychic powers, he says, when he was 5 and saw his dead uncle appear.

"My uncle died and weeks later he came into the room and I closed my eyes". JT says. "When I open them, he was still there. I didn't want to tell anybody.

"I proceeded to see more in the spiritual world. People I didn't know. It's almost like the (movie) "The Sixth Sense".

After a friend gave him a set of tarot cards, which fortune tellers use, JT says he started playing with the deck and at 17 was giving readings to his friends and family. Soon he recognized the power he possessed.

"Just like (the movie) Ghost, spirits were coming to me to help people around them, JT says. JT describes his CD on meditation as a spiritual workout. He says the CD helps people locate the negative energy or circumstances within themselves and helps them channel it into a positive approach to live.

"It teaches people how to reach their higher self, which so many people neglect, JT says. "It helps you establish a relationship with yourself".

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