Invest In Yourself Or Give a Session As A Gift

Listed below is a comprehensive list of services I offer my clients.

Sessions Types

  • On-Line Session
  • Benefits:

    Email your (3) questions to JT at your leisure

    Allows you to have an email copy for later reference

    Convenient if you can not get to a quiet area for phone session

  • Price: $155.00

    Sessions Types

  • Phone Session
  • Benefits:

    Private to keep you focused and relaxed

    Stay on track with your growth and flow of progress

  • Price: $155.00 for (1/2) hour
  • Price: $220.00 for (1) hour

    Sessions Types

  • Office Session
  • Benefits:

    You will have an amazing face-to-face experience

    You will experience first hand the comfort of guidance

  • Price: $175.00 for (1/2) hour
  • Price: $350.00 for (1) hour