Rock of Love and Hope

Welcome to Rock of Love and Hope and Meditation Sanctuary.

Where Love and Hope are the essence; with faith, peace and harmony as theme.

We are committed to reaching as many souls as we can, to encourage the importance of Universal Peace and raising consciousness with the focus on love. Our sanctuary is a non-denominational center that allows all to come and contribute peace, love, and hope.

Meditation is a simple process once you learn to quiet your mind from unnecessary thoughts that don't serve you or anyone else in your atmosphere. We are all connected through love and what most don't realize is the true power our thoughts actually have. They are invisible missiles that we send out into the Universe, shaping matter and energy as they move. This is why it is so important to focus and watch what you are allowing to roam around in your mind. Our consciousness is the spirit of who we are, and everyone's spirit has value. Knowing this, everyone should be looked at through the eyes of Love and only that. Just Love!

Through meditation it is possible to create anything in your life, including health, happiness, love, confidence, joy, harmony, peace of mind, or any other process your heart so desires. For whatever it is you want, that much you can have. Meditation also acts as a form of prayer where whatever you pray for and you believe, that much will be given to you. Here at Rock of Love and Hope we focus our attention on giving Love and Hope to others as we share our sanctuary with all.

Please join us in our effort to contribute Universal Love, Hope and Peace in the garden of life. For if we all join together and send out vibrations of higher consciousness to all beings, the benefit will bring Unity to your spirit and open up deeper levels of love within your heart. We are all connected and we are all One, therefore no one is left out. In this Unified connection, we all grow and benefit from the Grace of Love, Hope, and Peace.

Think Love, Be Love! Think Peace, Be Peace!


The Garden of Hope Quilts
“A Foundation created for the people by the people.”

The "Rock of Love and Hope Foundation" requests your assistance with our "Garden of Hope" Quilts.

Each quilt will bring a message of Love & Hope to those who are affected by illness, primarily the children, or to support a particular cause.

A quilt is made up of approximately 100 patches, each patch is an individual expression of Hope, whether it is for someone special or for the world. Each quilt carries a unique energy and offers love and comfort to those who view it.

We ask that you create a patch following the instructions carefully, and pass this information on to any family or friends. It is very important that the patch making is continuous for this will spread the seeds for the "Garden of Hope". The more patches created, the larger amount of quilts to spread throughout the world. If you cannot make a patch, any donation would be appreciated.

These quilts will be displayed in various locations as a true reminder of the meaning of life. Your participation is greatly appreciated and will make a difference in everyone's heart, knowing that you took the time to spread love and hope throughout the world.

Rock of Love and Hope will organize the quilt construction for a sponsor, group, corporation or company in an effort to raise donations and awareness for a particular cause.

Please submit requests in writing or e-mail at JT@JTUNIVERSE.COM.

Thank you Rock of Love and Hope Foundation

A New Foundation Opens Called "Rock of Love and Hope" Inspired by Princess Diana’s legacy, this charity presents colorful Quilt donations of Love and Hope to benefit terminally ill children and adults. A large Quilt placed together in memory of Princess Diana.

What sets “Rock of Love and Hope apart” from other charities, it does not primarily solicit monetary donations, but seeks patches for Quilts. People who paint or embroider a 10 X 10 inch square path, and some who choose to donate money as well, are all contributing. The patches are sewn together into Quilts and the Quilts then sent to be hung in hospitals and other charity organizations. The energy that a Quilt will bring is an antidote that will raise anyone’s spirit.

“Diana was a force of good who championed causes that might otherwise have been forgotten”.

Hudson Cradle in Jersey City, a home for babies with aids whose Federal Funding was stripped for 1998, are in need of state funding and donations as soon as possible. Organizations such as these will be presented with wonderful Quilts of inspiration that were formed together to display Love and Hope.

Quilt Name Is Diana
website: www.rockofloveandhope.com