Hoboken Psychic JT Offers Peaceful Advice Stress Relief

Hoboken psychic JT offers peaceful advice, stress relief

By Eugene Mulero, Hudson Current Staff Writer May 8, 2003

As a psychic, John "J.T." Traficante probably predicted he would eventually be a recognizable figure in the field of spirituality, but his modesty and professionalism does not allow him to admit it.

Traficante, 35, has been a well-recognized Hoboken personality for more than a decade. He has treated approximately 200 people in the last five years in various spiritual areas and his clientele is always expanding, he said.

His main objective is to become someone's life-coach, where he can help patients create spiritual environments, personalized meditation tapes, energy empowerment, daily affirmations, and motivational techniques to enhance individual growth. He wrote, arranged and produced Metamorphosis in 2000, an album to assist people with meditation, and he is finalizing a deal for a syndicated TV show.

The future is looking bright for Traficante, whose main objective continues to be spreading peace and messages of hope to as many people as possible.

"I teach people not to be afraid. I help them channel emotions that are going on within them. Sometimes the truth has no logic," Traficante said. "We write the script of our lives."

Psychic kid

Born and raised in Hoboken, Traficante said he had his first supernatural experience at 7. One night, he experienced an apparition of his dead uncle. This life-changing event was the realization that he had a rare gift. Throughout his adolescence, his knowledge of spirituality blossomed.

At 17 a special friend gave him a deck of tarot cards. It was then that Traficante said he started his mission in life - paving the road to a successful spiritual psychic career.

He began to read people's cards at their homes or in a small studio. Eventually he moved his practices to the Chiropractic Center on 14th and Washington streets in Hoboken.

"My work spread like pollen on the wind, turning my world into a healing flower garden," he said.

His work is currently in high demand. His two books Better Way to Living from Soul to Surface and Clear Eyes have gained him mass appeal, and a growing number of people are acknowledging the need for opening their mind to spirituality and the possibilities the universe has to offer, he said.

Traficante not only predicts the future, he also helps people locate the negative energy or circumstances within themselves and channels it into a positive approach to life. He meets his clients for readings in person or through the telephone, and gives them guidance that goes beyond tarot readings. Sometimes he uses products he personally develops like self-help tapes and positive note-cards.

"Spirituality is the relationship between you, your purpose in life and the universe," said Traficante. "Life is about choices. Learn your lesson and get through it."

His readings provide an upward journey into the past, present and future answering and offering solutions to the universal questions in our lives. By channeling a client's aura and using tarot cards, Traficante mystically reads the colors that emanate from his clients. During a one-to-one session he discusses work, love, relationships, connecting with loved ones, weight-loss, infertility and depression. He provides the tools to face challenges in the world, something he calls a "Spiritual Makeover." Princess Di

In addition to his work, he also founded the non-profit charity, "Rock of Hope," in memory of Princess Diana. The foundation's mission is to make the world a better place through love and hope, and to teach the essence of love within each soul throughout the world. "This foundation represents the true meaning of giving from the heart," he said.

"Rock of Hope" has helped groups like Hudson Cradle in Jersey City with financial support.

Hoboken resident Suzanne Hillary was referred to Traficante by a friend a year ago. Back then, she was enduring difficult times after the loss of her mother. Traficante guided Hillary to a positive way of thinking in order for her to begin healing from her loss. As a result, Traficante became Hillary's life coach, calling her once a week with advice and predictions. And Hillary, a publicist and promoter, became Traficante's publicity manager.

"We are working on getting him a syndicated column and starting a TV show," Hillary said. "He has a very important message many people need to hear."

North Jersey resident Marie Sciarra has also visited Traficante several times and she credits him with giving her important advice in her life.

"Isn't he great?" Sciarra said. "He is not just a psychic. He becomes your friend."

Traficante has launched a promotional campaign because he wants to promote tranquility to as many people as possible. He has sensed negative vibes from his surroundings and he hopes his positive message can transform the amount of pessimism he is feeling.

"People need hope right now. The planet is in a crazy place and we need to send more positive energy," he said.