Born in Hoboken, New Jersey, John Traficante (JT) discovered early in his childhood that he could see into the Past, Present and Future, including Auras and Spiritual energies surrounding people.

JT's gift allows him to do this just by looking at people, hearing their voices or thinking about them. With all of this he went on his personal journey of self discovery. As he grew, he found faith in God and the universal higher consciousness. Now JT spiritually guides others into higher and greater consciousness encouraging others to live in the moment. His spiritual blessing continues to blossom throughout his journey and continue to bless him and others.

JT harness the vision, has clarity of the insight and believes in the message. Many before him, who had the gift of sight, some call them prophets or visionaries. John nourishes his soul in many ways with nature and by meditating in different mediums. As he communicates with the spiritual realm, this is how he continues to develop his relationship with his higher self and remains connected to the universal God consciousness. He is a published author and has written a guide book on life “A Total Reboot from the Soul to the Surface” and expresses himself through art and photography, he is also an artist and paints beautiful colorful canvases.

As an internationally, respected author, motivational speaker, spiritual psychic, intuitive and visionary, JT has chosen to use his gift successfully guiding his clients toward their spiritual and personal development to achieve their goals. He has succeeded numerous people to reconnect with their deceased loved ones, thereby resolving their pains, and discovering new opportunities in life. JT leaves his clients with an indelible blueprint that brightens their road to peace, love, hope and enlightment.

"I guide people to reach their higher selves, and the infinite possibilities they have through art, prayer and meditation. I have committed to use my craft and special gift with excellence to help guide and teach people to discover who they really are, spiritual and personal development is a journey not a destination."

JT explains, in your session, classes, phone sessions, appearances or lectures he provides you with a road map to develop your true purpose and a higher state of consciousness. JT says its best to travel light..

John Traficante (JT) continues to universally blossom and grow at peace and with enlightment spiritually guiding people into the art of Self Expression and receives national and international recognition on television, radio, magazines, internet and newspapers.